Deep Cuts Volume 2: 1977-1982 (Remastered Edition)


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Release date: 27 June, 2011

A further bespoke collection of hidden gems from the band’s second five albums, specially chosen by Roger Taylor and Brian May.

'Deep Cuts Volume Two: 1977-1982’ is designed as a companion piece to the second five Queen albums which are being re-issued by Island Records on June 13th as part of the bands 40th anniversary celebrations.

Designed to dig a little deeper than their multi-million selling ‘Greatest Hits’ compilations (‘Greatest Hits’, by the way, is officially the biggest selling British album of all time with sales of an incredible 5.7 million copies so far in the UK alone), ‘Deep Cuts Volume Two 1977-1982’ showcases a less well-known side of Queen story and reveals some brilliant tracks to listeners looking to delve into this period of the band’s work for the first time.

The albums released between 1977 and 1982 – ‘News of the World’, ‘Jazz’, ’The Game’, ‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Hot Space’ - are a testament not only to the band’s skills as songwriters and musicians, but also to their determination to push their own creativity to the absolute limits. Tracks recorded during these legendary years include ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We Are The Champions’, ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘Under Pressure’. These five albums were recorded as Queen’s UK stadium success spread to the USA, South America, Europe and Asia and are the sound of a band breaking through the crash barriers of their own limitless ambition.

If the early 70’s, and the first five albums Queens released, represented the band’s hard-rocking years, then the late 70’s and early 80’s represented their hard partying era. As Brian, Roger, Freddie and John toured the world their reputation for off-stage rock’n’roll extravagance grew with stories of legendary party excess from Kensington to Copacabana informing the Queen mythology.

‘Deep Cuts Volume Two’ is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to find out more about the band during this incredible period in their career.

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