BACK TO THE LIGHT: Brian May Artwork by Sarah Rugg


Release date: 25 August, 2021

Brian May was so impressed by artist Sarah Rugg’s Brian-inspired artworks posted on Instagram – Bri-Art – that he suggested that they should be shared with a wider audience, and now this sumptuous album-sized coffee-table book "Back to the Light" is the result.

“Sarah Rugg was one of the first to produce original works inspired by my work, and not limited to my activities in Queen; she also became the first to act as a channel for me to appreciate the work of others on social media. Her talent is undeniable, and her output nothing short of prodigious.” Brian May

"The journey of self-discovery in Brian May's album "Back to the Light" in many ways mirrors my own growth as an artist during the creation of this book. I sincerely hope that within these pages you will find not only an understanding of how I see Brian, but also gain insight into an artist who is doing her best to navigate through life ... channelled through her muse, who is trying his best to do the same." Sarah Rugg

This book, titled after Brian’s first acclaimed solo album "Back to the Light", is released to complement the current remaster and re-issue of the album. Fans and friends worldwide can now enjoy this fabulous anthology of portraits by Sarah alongside Brian’s breathtaking original rock music. The profits will be donated to Brian’s charity the Save Me Trust, which daily fights for the rights of Britain’s wild animals in a country that officially still values the welfare and the very lives of badgers and foxes at zero.

  • Featuring the stunning artwork of Sarah Rugg.
  • Size: 300 x 300mm (The size of a vinyl album).
  • Hardback edition.
  • Exclusive to the Queen official store and London Stereoscopic Company.
  • A percentage from each sale will be donated to Brian’s charity the Save Me Trust.

UPC: 09781838164539