The Poor Man's Picture Gallery: Set of 12 Stereo Cards


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Release date: 23 February, 2015

Dr Brian May’s abiding interest in stereoscopy resulted in the 2008 resurrection of ‘The London Stereoscopic Company’, originally established in 1854. If you share Brian’s passion for stereo photography or would like to find our more, visit to reveal a wealth of information and resources.

Stereo card set comprising of 12 stereo images featuring highlights from the book "The Poor Man's Picture Gallery" which revealed the many previously unseen connections between Victorian narrative paintings and the popular stereo cards from the time of Queen Victoria.

Each card in this series links to the page in the Tate Britain website where the corresponding painting can be viewed.

The cards come in a specially created adhesive-free box, designed by Brian, which fits inside the OWL's NEST, also available.


UPC: 00602448648501