OWL Stereoscopic Viewer (Black) + Instructional Card Wallet


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Release date: 17 February, 2014

Dr Brian May’s abiding interest in stereoscopy resulted in the 2008 resurrection of ‘The London Stereoscopic Company’, originally established in 1854. If you share Brian’s passion for stereo photography or would like to find our more, visit www.londonstereo.com to reveal a wealth of information and resources.

A unique, high quality, stereo focusing viewer, which packs into a space only 6mm thick, yet assembles in 15 seconds into a rigid precision instrument which is equally at home sitting on a page to view stereo illustrations in a book, or used in the hand.

This updated black version features a 15.5cm aperture in the back plate making it compatible with viewing larger format Stereocards and for use with iPads.

It comes packaged with complete instructions in a beautifully designed card wallet.

Note: Supplied as black and not grey as it appears in the Instructional Card Wallet image.


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