OWL's Nest: Storage Box + Platinum OWL


Release date: 17 February, 2014

Dr Brian May’s abiding interest in stereoscopy resulted in the 2008 resurrection of ‘The London Stereoscopic Company’, originally established in 1854. If you share Brian’s passion for stereo photography or would like to find our more, visit www.londonstereo.com to reveal a wealth of information and resources.

The OWL's Nest is made of archivally neutral fibre material, into which the updated Platinum OWL fits and gives space for 6 boxes of cards.

The box has partitions to keep all in order, a slot for an external index card, and a London Stereoscopic Company crest embossed on the top.

When the lid is closed, your stereoscopic collection is safe!

Finished in black with a red interior, it's the perfect home for your OWL stereo cards, as well as any original Victorian stereos you might collect.


UPC: 00602448648402